Potential Audit

Potential Audit

Potential Audit

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Potential Audits Reveal the Essential

No matter if the result situation within your company is negative, neutral or top-in-class. By means of a potential audit of KW-Consulting-Group you can boost the turbo engine of your operating development. We catapult your company at the top or strengthen your top position to make it intangible. Technology, cost or product leadership – it’s your choice – we will show you the way. Our special trained teams consisting of logistics, business management, market and strategy, product and method specialists will scan your company. By means of our long-lasting expertise and our integral input, which can be demonstrated in the business fields of the group, we are the premium – contact partner not only in case of realization of these challenges.

SWOT Analysis

We analyse your processes in the shortest period of time; we evaluate your scrap, control your organisation and create a suitable transparency. For this, we use 2 different modalities, depending on the budget. Our “Swot Potential Audit” delivers within only one week as a result the activity focus points according to which your company shows competition backlog.

Potential Audit

Our “Potential Audit” delivers alternatively within the shortest time period a measure catalogue – a guideline which takes up all activity focus points and highlights them by means of detailed depicted suitable remedial actions. As a result of the long-term experience of our senior consultants in the fields of automotive, traffic engineering, machine building, water-bearing building services, energy technology and lots more, we offer you a know-how pool which is completely tailored to your needs.

Strengths / Weaknesses Analysis

We will start with a mutual analysis of your needs. Based on the specific knowledge of our employees, we will draw up a plan for the realization of your wishes and necessities by using the most modern management tools and by including your organisation, too. Flexibility and client orientation and your corporate gain are the dicta of our actions. Thus, you will get an objective insight about the situation of your organisation and your technology with founded strengths – weaknesses analysis. Our offer for the fitness-programme of your company contains: short reaction times, elimination of wastage in the course of actions and structures, reduction of the processing and reaction times and the commercial support and implementation. At the end of our mutual programme, you will be one of the fastest and thus, one of the successful companies.

Reserves for Difficult Times

Based on these steps, we will draw up a 3-year-extrapolation related to sensitivity calculations. This way, all proposed measures – which will be monetarily evaluated and assembled to a whole – will depict the development of a company for the next 3 years. Not least, this work is very suitable to be presented to banks of capital investors, in order for them to gain confidence in the the further future of the company. It will be a surprise for you when you will notice how profoundly we examine all sectors. Of course, after our potential audit you will be able to implement all measures by yourself. However, with our help it would be faster. We will stipulate our inputs very confident, because if you decide to continue the works with us, our wish is to get you to the top and to exceed our inputs.
This, we guarantee you.

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We can rely on long-term experience and high specialized knowledge in Potential Audit, we are the right contact person for you.

Potential Audit