Our Principles

Krapohl-Wirth Consulting Company


Top Quality

We offer you top-quality management and engineering products. We pursuit perfection in all sectors of our company. Our activities follow the motto: ”What we are doing, is done good”: Thinking Ahead – Creating – Accompanying
Thus, in our opinion quality is much more than adhering to key figures. For each employee of the KW-Consulting-Group, quality means much more, i.e. always to keep an eye on the necessities and expectations of our clients and thus, to continuously improve the contentment of our clients.


We are technological pace maker and impulse generator of our field. We develop continuously excellent products and trouble shootings, which have become milestones in the field of foundry technology. We want to codetermine the technological progress also in the future.


We have slight structures and short decision paths. This enables us to keep our costs as low as possible. This way we achieve our outstanding cost-performance ratio, which we are compelled to our clients.


We are a reliable business partner. Our ideas and products are durable and future-proof.


We are one of the internationally leading suppliers in the market. Cosmopolitanism embosses our thoughts and actions. Our product offer fulfils the specific requirements of the international markets and thus it copes with the special regional situations.

Complete Programme

We offer complete solutions from one source. We analyse, think strategically, think ahead and implement operatively. Our products, ideas and measure catalogues are path-breaking, reliable and can be easily implemented. Thus, you can avoid frictional losses, can save energy and resources.


We admit our social and corporate responsibility. We pay attention to environmental sustainability, work protection and at the same time, we ensure the highest results. In case of a consistent implementation, this is no longer a contradiction. We are aware of the obligation of bearing in mind the newest state of technology, the organisation, the industrial science etc. at our work. We keep the necessary effort towards an ideal effectiveness as low as possible.


We are a privately runned, independent family business and we cooperate with our clients and suppliers on a fair partnership basis with the aim of a mutual success. We are aware of the value of the individuals in our company and communicate open and trustfully. We work together committed and target-oriented.


KW commits itself to keep the secrecy regarding all information received in the course of its projects and not to use them vis-à-vis third parties either for acquisition or for benchmark purposes. This commitment is valid also for all employees involved in the projects who will be selected accordingly. Our offers are confidential and only for the in-house use of our clients. Please understand our position that our offers can neither be copied nor made available to third parties, in any form whatsoever, without our approval.


KW expressly assures not to accept any payment whatsoever from subcontractors in any form whatsoever. This warranty is valid for all companies within the KW-Consulting-Group, as well as for all employees who were chosen by us and who have signed corresponding contractual obligations. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that in case of cooperation, KW is able to realize the accepted tasks at the ascertained budget prices and to carry out the supervision of the implementation.


KW does not offer services in the field of headhunting and does not supply benchmark-figures.

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