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Solution in Difficult Times

Interim managers are experienced executive manager with expert knowledge and verifiable successes. Our interim managers are being inserted in case of temporary appointed leading tasks as for example project and crisis management and at bridging operations in case of vacancies in line management. They act neutrally, objectively, factually and are available on short notice. They support middle-sized companies and groups on every management level.

Interim Managers

Reasons for assigning interim managers: alternation of generations, renovations / turnaround, lack of executive managers, closing locations, implementation of consulting concepts, ramp up of new locations. Should an interim manager appointed by KW drop out, KW guarantees to replace him by another manager with the same qualification.

Worldwide Mandates

On average, KW interim managers lead worldwide 4 companies / year with mandates of 6 months until many years. In the process, our managers are often responsible of turnovers over 250 Mio. €.

Experienced Men of Action

In times of economic uncertainty, it is recommendable to temporarily integrate turnaround managers in your company as crisis-tested, operatively experienced “men of action” with a long-lasting field and management experience. In case of lots of problems and assignments, interim managers with their professional support are the perfect completion of the company management or the company owners.

Manager Pool

The ambitious and consistent selection of suitable interim managers is the basis for the excellent quality of our manager pool. A cooperation with KW’s interim managers serves your success.

Interim Managers are Turnaround Managers

As a rule, interim manager are 40 to 60 years old, they fulfil special requirements regarding their personality, their character strength and are characterized by discretion, sovereignty, social competence, dynamic, assertiveness, implementation strength and high technical know-how.

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Turnaround Management


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