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The Krapohl-Wirth Junior Staff Development Programme*

*For the sake of readability only, the male form will be used in the following text of the Junior Staff Development Programme on an ongoing basis. In each case, all legally recognized genders are meant.


In 2016, the Krapohl-Wirth Group succeeded in realizing a Junior Staff Development Programme for students with following focus points:

Studentships Priority 1

Foundry | Machine construction | Architecture/Construction

Studentships Priority 2

Business management | Law | Social studies

Studentships Priority 3

Human medicine | Environment | Energy | Recycling

Studentships Priority 4


This begins with the winter semester 2017, so that applicants and interested parties have enough time to submit their applications to the application committee. The application committee decides on the awarding of the studentships as part of the macro-economic situation of the group twice a year.

The Junior Staff Development Programme was targeted in order to promote young talents, to support the promotion of young talents in the industry in general, and also to provide support to interdisciplinary sciences.

The Krapohl-Wirth Group honors particularly good achievements, demonstrable professional political or socio-political commitments and socially disadvantaged students in study education.

The selection of suitable candidates is based on the above-mentioned priorities. If there are not enough candidates in priority group 1, candidates from priority group 2 and the following can be considered.

Ten studentships have been set up as part of the Junior Staff Development Programme. Depending on the feedback, it is up to the application committee to decide to expand the programme.

Consequently, the Krapohl-Wirth Group promotes the training, in particular of junior technical and scientific social groups, in accordance with the above priorities. For this purpose, Krapohl-Wirth Group actively promotes academic studies and awards studentships to students in the respective disciplines.

The application deadline for the winter semester runs from:

1st May – 31st July of the current year

The application deadline for the summer semester runs from:

1st September – 30th November of the current year

At the latest one month before the start of the studentship candidates receive a positive or negative decision after evaluation of all documents and applications by the application committee.

Are you interrested? Then, we are pleased to receive your applications:

Application Committee for Studentship Candidates
Gerstenstraße 5
86356 Neusäß/Germany

Our privacy policy can be found at the end of the page for your information.

Following conditions are valid for the Krapohl-Wirth Junior Staff Development Programme

1. An application for the Junior Staff Development Programme within an academical study can be submitted by students who, after completing their studies, can envision employment in the Krapohl-Wirth Group or with customers of the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

2. Students who already receive or have received a different type of studentship will be eliminated for Junior Staff Development Programme by the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

3. The Krapohl-Wirth Group’s Junior Staff Development Programme is tied to the applicant’s declared wish to work for the Krapohl-Wirth Group for three years after completing his studies.

4. Following documents are to be presented by the applicant:

+ Letter of motivation to the application committee
+ CV with picture
+ Certificates of achievement (e.g. a high school diploma)
+ Proof of social commitment (sports, youth work, charitable work, etc.)
+ Justification for the application
+ A current enrollment certificate if a study has already been started
+ Examination credits (e.g. examination papers of the university)
+ Internships, other certificates, references or recommendations if available

5. The application committee of the group, which reserves the right to invite applicants, decides whether the applicant receives funding.

The application procedure determines whether the conditions for funding under this directive are met. In particular, the application committee decides on the eligibility, suitability and neediness of the applicant as well as on the amount and duration of the funding.

If the sponsorship is to be extended after the approved funding period has expired, a new application for sponsorship must be submitted in due time (at least 6 months before a possible funding extension necessity).

6. The application committee consists of at least two shareholders, as well as an active director of the company.

7. The studentship is granted in monthly installments of currently not more than € 200 / month. The amount finally granted is payable 12 times all year long. The studentship is thus understood solely as a maintenance allowance for the study of the respective applicant.

The duration of the studentship is 5 years for a university degree and 3 years for a college degree. You can request for a maximum extension for one year, provided that the extension requirement can be justified in the context of the application plausibly to the application committee.

Unemployment postpones the repayment obligation for the duration of unemployment. Appointment to a doctoral thesis also postpones the repayment obligation, as long as the dissertation is not part of a full-time job. The same applies to professorships.

8. Granting a studentship does not give rise to any employment or other dependency relationship. The studentship recipient is responsible for the taxation.

9. The studentship is a non-interest-deductible student loan, which must be repaid in full after completion of the studies, or can be compensated by an employment (see point 13 below) over a period of 3 years.

10. The studentship contributions are only remitted to the applicants, if they provide unsolicited adequate proof of their achievements (e.g. study certificates, certificates of achievement, certificates).

Evidence must be provided at least once a year. Krapohl-Wirth Group is entitled to freeze the sponsorship or to make it payable at a rate of 5 % interest / year above the base interest rate of the European Central Bank, provided the proof is not met. The sponsorship period does not change as a result.

11. If during the eligibility period, the significant conditions for the granting of student loans are being modified, e.g. a change of study subject or inadequate study achievements according to the underlying study and examination regulations of the respective universities or technical colleges, the application committee can restrict the sponsorship, freeze, cease altogether or make the sponsorship payable with 5 % interest / year over the basic interest of the European central bank.

Failure to notify the Application Committee immediately of significant changes to the conditions underlying the granting of the student loan may result in an immediate repayment obligation. The determination is made by the application committee. Due repayments are subject to an interest of 5 % above the base rate of the European Central Bank.

12. Granting of a studentship justifies no legal entitlement to employment with the Krapohl-Wirth Group or with customers of the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

13. If a studentship holder, after successfully completing his studies, works for the Krapohl-Wirth Group or in consultation with a client, the repayment obligation to the Krapohl-Wirth Group no longer applies, provided the studentship holder has worked there for at least three years.

14. If the studentship holder leaves the employment relationship as stated under point 13) for any reason whatsoever, before the expiration of 3 years, a repayment obligation for the missing months of employment arises (each month with 1/36 of the loan amount).

15. If, after graduation or termination or after more than six months of interruption, the studentship holder does not work in accordance with the procedure described under point 13, he is obliged to repay the granted sponsorship to the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

The repayment claim is due immediately. The loan must be repaid within a maximum of 5 years, in the case of granted extension of the studentship of a maximum of 6 years after the due date. This, monthly in the same amount as it has been paid to promote the young talent.

16. After the reimbursement admittance, this shall not apply if the beneficiary works for at least three years with the Krapohl-Wirth Group within the repayment period, or if the Krapohl-Wirth Group can generate an order (a project), which is made by recommendation of the fellow, if he / she grants open loan amount net, exceeding by a factor of 5 or more.

17. As long as there is a repayment obligation towards the Krapohl-Wirth Group, the beneficiary is obliged to inform the application committee about significant career changes, in particular about a change of employer.

18. All sponsorships under this programme are intended solely as voluntary and revocable services in the interest of promoting junior staff in accordance with the above priorities.

There is no legal entitlement to a sponsorship, in particular it is not justified by the approval of the sponsorship application.

19. Every studentship recipient who has received this amount is aware that the repayment of his interest-free loan offers other fellows the opportunity to receive a studentship from the Krapohl-Wirth Group as a maintenance allowance for their studies.

We consider it fair that every studentship holder who gets the chance to receive a sponsorship for studying through the Krapohl-Wirth Group will carry on this code of honor in their hearts and work their entire professional life in this regard.

Young talents are our future – that’s what we stand for – Krapohl-Wirth

20. Additional commitment of the studentship recipients as part of their application to the application committee of the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

The Krapohl-Wirth Code of Honor:

By applying for a studentship to the Application Committee of the Krapohl-Wirth Group, I undertake to abide the following code of honor and pledge to intervene if in my surrounding, if this code of ethics is being violated.

I hereby assure:

+ respect the nature and characteristics of my fellow human beings and support their personal development. Especially with children, adolescents and young adults, I respect their self-realization for an appropriate social behavior towards other people. I want to motivate them to act fairly and respectfully towards their fellow human beings and to deal responsibly with nature and the environment.

+ I respect the rights of those entrusted to me or those entrusted to me with physical integrity and do not engage in any form of violence, whether physical, mental or sexual.

+ I will respect the individual feelings about closeness and distance, the privacy and the personal shame boundaries of the persons entrusted to me.

+ I take an active stand against any verbal or nonverbal form of violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia and sexism.

+ If this is within my area of ​​responsibility, I offer the persons entrusted to me sufficient opportunities for self-determination and participation, I will orientate myself to their level of development, I will create appropriate framework conditions and use appropriate methods.

+ I make sure that applicable legal requirements are met.

+ I am a role model for the people entrusted to me, always imposing inter-human rules and I am acting according to the laws of fair play. In particular, I take a positive and active role model function in the fight against doping, drugs and drug abuse, as well as against any kind of performance manipulation.

+ In case of emergency and if necessary I will act responsibly.

Krapohl-Wirth Group December 2016

Information according to Art. 13 General Data Protection Ordinance (valid starting with 25th May 2018).

Compliance with data protection regulations is of great importance to the Krapohl-Wirth Group.

To visit our homepage, please refer to our privacy policy at:

We would like to inform you about the collection of your personal data with us below:

Responsible for the storage of your data: Krapohl-Wirth Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG.

According to Article 37 of the DSGVO, Krapohl-Wirth Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG is exempted from appointing a data protection officer because less than 10 persons work or have access to the automated processing of personal data.

Data which we collect: we process data that we receive from you as part of your application for the Krapohl-Wirth Junior Staff Development Programme. For this we need your contact details, as well as the information specified and required in the tender. The purpose of the data collection is the selection procedure to determine the beneficiaries of the Krapohl-Wirth sponsorship. As a rule, your data will be deleted two months after the end of the selection procedure, provided that no retention periods exist or the data is not required in individual cases.

The legal basis emerges from art. 6 par. 1 page 1 letter b DSGVO.

You have the opportunity to contact us via e-mail, telephone or letter. Information that you provide to us when making contact is used on the basis of article 6 paragraph 1 page 1 letter f DSGVO, in the interest of answering your request as uncomplicatedly and promptly as possible. Your data will only be processed to answer your request and will be deleted after a period of one month.

The recipients of your data are in particular the members of the application committee. A forwarding to third parties does not take place.

Your data protection rights: you have the right to information about personal data concerning you, as well as to the correction of incorrect data or to deletion, provided that one of the reasons stated in art. 17 DSGVO exist, e.g. if the data is no longer needed for the purposes pursued. There is also the right to restrict processing if one of the conditions set out in art. 18 DSGVO exists and, in the case of art. 20 DSGVO, the right of data transferability.

Right to object: you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes without giving any reason. If we process your data in order to safeguard legitimate interests, you can object to this processing for reasons that arise from your particular situation. We will then no longer process your personal information unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is intended to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.

Right to complain: every person concerned has the right to complain to a supervisory authority if he/she considers that the processing of the data concerning them violates data protection regulations. In particular, the right of appeal may be invoked by a supervisory authority in the member state of the residence or the workplace of the person concerned or the place of the alleged infringement.

Krapohl-Wirth Group December 2016

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