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Project managers are professional technicians or business economists who are able to focus on targets and to stimulate teams to achieve superior performances, to reach aims secured in time, budget and quality.

Professional Project Management

A professional project management in the realization phase, together with a comprehensive, significant and targeted planning are indispensable. Current implementations leave no room for resource dissipations (time, money and environment). Based on profitability calculations, targets must be reached at the right moment. Market and clients punish inefficiencies in a Darwinian way.

Key Positions

Project managers of the KW-Consulting-Group, positioned in the KW-Engineering and in the Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting, go back to a comprehensive experience in case of key positions in the fields technology, process, methodology, architecture, business economy and product.


We do not examine planning, architecture, engineering and business economy in the traditional kind of way. One of the early-declared tasks of KW-Consulting-Group is to reach ideal results with the best project manager and state-of-the-art management tools. We – the KW-Consulting-Group – develop further this know-how every day worldwide.


Our highly-efficient project management model ensures the project coordination, the performance provision, the cost control and minimum contact to our clients, which enables our clients to focus on their core business. Meanwhile, we focus on our task – your project – your aims – your success. Project management is being provided by KW-Consulting-Group also within regular project developments, it has its share of the optimization and the unobstructed project course and the integration of the most different parties and streams. This synergy effect leads to remarkable cost saving processes at our clients.

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Project Management


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