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Krapohl-Wirth Consulting Company

Decarbonization – CO2 Neutrality

28th-29th September 2021, Iron Melting Conference & Exhibition 2021, Saarbrücken Cupola furnace dismantling, heat recovery, CO2 minimization – the journey is the goal! Lecture by Mr Andreas Nissen (plant management, company M.Busch GmbH & Co. KG Bestwig) of a Feasibility Study elaborated by company Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH

Casting of Chassis and Carriage Components

11th-12th February 2020  Bad Gögging, Deutschland  Participant: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl  Company: Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH

Light Weight Construction in Casting 2019

12th-13th November 2019  Nürtingen, Germany  Participant: Dipl.-Ing. MBA Andreas Sindel  Company: Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH

Participation WFO-Technical Forum & 59th IFC Congress

18th-20th September 2019 Portoroz, Slovenia Participant: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl Company: Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH

Setting-Up by Considering Industry 4.0

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl  Company: Managing Director Krapohl-Wirth Foundry Consulting GmbH  Short Event: Workshop Meeting CONAN, Austrian Foundry Institute Leoben, Austria  3rd November 2016

Approach at the Selection and Qualification of Sub-Suppliers

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl Company: CEO KW Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG Short Event: „Purchase of Cast Parts“ organized by BME Stuttgart, Germany1st-2nd February 2011

Innovations in the Foundry Industry

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl   Company: CEO KW Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG    Short Event: Barbara-Session 2010, Friedberg, Germany  19th November 2010

I Did It My Way!

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl  Company: CEO KW Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG  Short Event: Series of Lectures of the Excellence Cluster RWTH Aachen, Germany  10th March 2010

Positive Income Return Despite Sustainable Decrease in Turnover of 40 %

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl Company: CEO KW Consulting Group GmbH & Co. KG  Short Event: Aachen Foundry Colloquium, Germany  4th December 2009

The Foundry Free of Stocks – The Unutilized Competitive Advantage in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries

Lecturer: Dr. Hans-Peter Krapohl  Co-Authors: Dipl.-Ing, Dipl.-Arch. Andreas Veigel, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas RautenbachCompany: CEO, KW-Consulting-Group GmbH & Co. KG  Short Event: 49th International Foundry Conference Portoroz, Slovenia  9th – 11th September 2009

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